About Us

Our group's objective is to utilize technologies for human health and understand the living system by incorporating novel flexible/stretchable electronic system to develop the new biomedical system with multi-functions. Research interests include development of an implantable biocompatible flexible/stretchable electronic system that is biocompatible and allows electrophysiological measurements through coupling between tissue and the electronics. Furthermore, the flexible electronic system is capable of providing treatment by delivering drugs and both electrical and optical stimulations. Other research areas are to develop ultra-thin wearable flexible electronics that conformally interface with skin or tissue to monitor the health information in every situation. Multidisciplinary areas of science including mico/nano-electronics, bio‑integrated electronics, material surfaces and interfaces, clinical biology, and mechanics will be incorporated to reach our goal. Our final goal is to significontly improve human health through development of a healthcare system that is implantable or wearable and meaningful improvement in human-machine interface (HMI). All good things which exist are the fruits of science and engineering. 



We are looking for highly passionate and motivated undergraduate students, M.S./Ph.D. students, and postdocs to join us. Currently, we have several openings. If you are interested in working on flexible/stretchable electronics, feel free to send your CV or resume to Prof. Ki Jun Yu (kijunyu@yonsei.ac.kr).

Contact information : Prof. Ki Jun Yu, Email : kijunyu@yonsei.ac.kr,
Office : Engineering building 3 (Room 224), Tel : 82-2-2123-2769
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei Univerisity,

50 Yonseiro, Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03722, Republic of Korea,