About Us

Our group is to utilize technologies for human health and understand the living system by using novel flexible/stretchable electronics which enables totally new ways of biomedical system with multi-functions. Research interest includes the electronic system that is implantable biocompatible flexible/stretchable electronics while allowing for electrophysiological measurements through coupling between tissue and the electronics. Furthermore, the flexible electronic system also provides the treatments by delivering drugs and electrical and optical stimulations. Other research areas are to develop ultra-thin wearable flexible electronics that conformally interface with skin or tissue to monitor the health information in every situation. Our final goal is to develop the seamless wearable/implantable health care systems that are completely invisible such that no one can realize whether we wear electronics as well as human machine interface (HMI) that significantly improve/promote human health. Our research expands multidisciplinary research areas, such as fundamental science, micro/nano‑electronics, bio‑integrated electronics, material surfaces and interfaces, clinical biology, and mechanics. All good things which exist are the fruits of science and engineering.



We are looking for highly passionate and motivated undergraduate students, M.S./Ph.D. students, and postdocs to join us. Currently, we have several openings. If you are interested in working on flexible/stretchable electronics, feel free to send your CV or resume to Prof. Ki Jun Yu (kijunyu@yonsei.ac.kr).